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  1. That file thats not found still exists but the link to it now requires the 501 https, and the installer tries to download from the old link that doesnt have https at the start. This is what im saying should be updated so it works. This is the link to atleast one of the files it fails to download, probably all can be found on this website somewhere, https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/org/scala-lang/scala-library/2.10.0/. As I said the installer tries to download from this link but without the https:// at the beginning so as far as the installer is concerned the link doesnt work so the file fails to download.
  2. 1.5.2 has an installer and that doesnt work. it fails to download required files due to the 501https issue.
  3. I am aware legacy versions are no longer supported but i think its still a good idea to release an update that makes them install properly. All the files are still there but the links require 501 https, and the legacy version installers try and download the files without that at the front of the links. As far as I know it would be a simple fix that lets people play old versions of mods or mods that havent been updated without having to find and download all the files manually.
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