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  1. Updating to Java 8u77 seems to have fixed the issue, but I don't know whether the fact that I updated or reinstalled Java was the solution.
  2. I switched to a different PC for development recently and I'm trying to set up a new Forge environment. Running gradlew setupDecompWorkspace runs fine until it reaches :decompile, at which point it crashes with "Process 'command 'C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_74\bin\java.exe'' finished with non-zero exit value 1". Running with --debug and --stacktrace gives the following information: The decompile command and environment: If I try executing that command in the correct working directory, I end up with: Error occurred during initialization of V
  3. Ah, thanks, I haven't looked much into how FML loads mods except from JARs.
  4. I am trying to add Baubles support to my mod, but FML claims that the deobfuscated Baubles jar is duplicated - then gives the same path twice: [14:38:02] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: Found a duplicate mod Baubles at [C:\Users\************\GitHub\Stygian\eclipse\mods\Baubles-deobf-1.7.10-, C:\Users\************\GitHub\Stygian\eclipse\mods\Baubles-deobf-1.7.10-] What on Earth is FML on about? Would this have anything to do with the fact that Eclipse has already injected Baubles into the classpath before FML tries to load it? Thanks in advance.
  5. I could, but there are 256 different colours. That would be a lot more difficult to render, anyway, as I would still have the scaling issues but I would also have to switch textures and render them with blending.
  6. My mod has a set of tools and armour as the highest tier that should cycle through every hue value and overlay the colour onto the item texture. However, with my sword renderer, I end up with http://puu.sh/c1Q0q/42bf7e4465.png, http://puu.sh/c1QlN/fcdcb7dd54.png, http://puu.sh/c1Qwu/576c1ca1fa.png, http://puu.sh/c1QDU/1db230b12d.png and http://puu.sh/c1QOp/9e1b62746a.png - the scaling is off (I messed around with that for a couple of hours), the colour doesn't blend properly except in the inventory (where it has an odd background), the item entity doesn't rotate to face the player (or spin at
  7. IT WORKED! Thank you! I really should get down to learning OpenGL properly...
  8. My mod adds a custom lightning bolt called dark lightning, with a custom renderer to make it render darkly. However, I am unable to colour the lightning black, no matter how I set the colour values. RenderDarkLightning: Update: When I don't enable GL_BLEND, the lightning does indeed render in black - but solidly. I want black-coloured lightning, not a large black line in the world
  9. MC log: FML log: I have no idea why Minecraft's trying to load missing icons, the textures exist and work in-game.
  10. With the latest version of Forge ( installed, the open chest sound plays twice - once when I open the chest, and again when I close it, over the close sound. The only mod I have installed is a mod of mine which doesn't touch sound.
  11. I'm fairly sure that if you're not holding anything, getCurrentItem() returns null. I could be wrong. It could return 0. Don't quote me on that.
  12. Can't anyone help? I'm using Forge Source EDIT: The same thing happens when I try
  13. In my experience, WinRAR does an amazing job of handling JAR archives correctly. 7-Zip, however, has never worked for me.
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