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  1. great. Is there anything I can do other than go mod-by-mod and test everything?
  2. I can create a new world, and for some reason there's a survival world that works if I remove all the armor mods I was using for my video. however, all other worlds seem to be broken. I tried re-creating it as well as duplicating the file in minecraft/saves, although I'm not sure if either of those have any effect.
  3. ok, now it'll run without optifine. here's the latest.log after I get the "Error in currently selected data packs prevented the world from loading" message. https://gist.github.com/Eksity/787c0b0a9b4a1d71d16ec79c5f906a3a
  4. just an Exit code 0 latest.log after non-optifine crash: https://gist.github.com/Eksity/016bc6630cf10fe33fc5073631c9d0
  5. for some reason my forge won't run without optifine... resource packs maybe? anyway, here's the mod list (beware it's pretty long) https://gist.github.com/Eksity/e58ed8c0e2abf028d34780e5938bcea5
  6. Basically the title. I Try to get into my pre-existing world, and gave me an error that said "Error in currently selected data packs prevented the world from loading." along with safe mode and return to title. I mess around with my mod list a lot because I make modded MC content for YouTube and TikTok, But the mods I have removed in the past 3 days are quark, quark oddities, quark biomes o' plenty, armorplus, and thedragonlib along with a custom mcreator mod I never uploaded anywhere. I don't use a specific modpack, but rather a collection of mods i find interesting. latest.log: http
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