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  1. But wont the game think the ingot exists when it doesnt if i make empty tags? or does the conditional recipe thing consider this? Even then most modders wont think about this.
  2. My mod disables ore and pottery smelting and adds "machines" that expand those processes. The problem is i want to have configs to disable certain parts of the mod but i cant because the recipes will still be removed. In 1.12 i removed those recipes via code but i cant seem to be able to do that now. I would prefer an in-code way to do it like a recipeRegisterEvent as i need to be able to disable other mods recipes too. With the json system i can only disable vanilla recipes.
  3. i mostly completed my mod before finding out about it. And it looks complicated so theres no point trying to figure it out now. also having a bunch of empty tags doesnt seem very efficient.
  4. The problem with using the vanilla tag system for ore dictionary is that tags must exist to be accessed. If you reference a tag that doesnt exist in a recipe it will fail to load. For most things this will only result in console spam but there are cases where it matters. { "type": "charcoal_pit:orekiln", "ingredients": [ [ { "tag": "forge:ores/copper" }, { "tag": "forge:ingots/copper" }, { "tag": "forge:dusts/copper" } ] ], "result": { "tag": "forge:ingots/copp
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