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  1. yes it does, but do you know how I can create a pop-up screen? because there's only a green icon on the mods button. Half of the players won't see that unfortunately. (sorry for the late response. that was due to a gateway timeout on the website)
  2. I want a update screen so that players know there's a new update, but I cannot find anything on google. Also I have checked other mods codes that have that but I didn't find it.
  3. this was the problem. I had put the texture together. It had to be stretched, Thank you for your comment. otherwise I couldn't find it.
  4. I have 2 items/blocks that are glitching. on the hat it's the yellow pieces. They don't belong there. And on the computer screen it's the keyboard. It's supposed to be black but it's blue glitching. Also the back of the computer is glitching. I
  5. I'm new to modding so I don't know how I can see that and which layer renderer do you recommend me?
  6. I want his item to go onto my head, but I don't know how I do that with 3D items. (I have created armor in my mod but I don't think you can have 3D Items as helmet.)
  7. Hello, I'm new to modding and I have made a lantern but it doesn't give light for now and I don't know what I need to fill in here.
  8. I have a mod that has 2 "non 3d" blocks and in the client of the modding program the textures works fine, but in minecraft forge the textures don't work anymore. How can this be? The 3d block works fine. Minecraft launcher log: Minecraft launcher - Pastebin.com (Maybe this is needed)
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