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  1. I do have this, but I want to have a message in the ingame chat. Do I need to make a complicated java class for that?
  2. I saw a while ago that a mod in my modpack was outdated. I saw that in the chat. I don't remember which mod that was, but now I want to add that in my mod as well. So that the users know that there is a newer version available.
  3. I think that this is easier. Thank you. I do know how to do that.
  4. Thank you for your help. I think I'm on the correct page. https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/models/color/ I only need to find out how this works.
  5. Hello everyone, I have created some bags in my mod and now I want to add more colors. I have only 2 now (yellow, dark green). Creating a new texture for each model takes up space. I don't want that. I did see that Minecraft changes the hue of a texture for specific biomes, for example the swamp grass texture. I want to do this too to my bags. Does anyone know how to do that? I have not much experience in modding. Greetings, Damian.
  6. Hello, I want to make a custom structure (A container) spawn in Minecraft, but I want to have the chests randomized with loot. Is that possible? This will the container looks like.
  7. Can I download the newest mdk from 1.16.4 or do I need 1.16.5? My mod is based on 1.16.4.
  8. Thank you! that works! Where can I download 'moj'? I cannot find it. I can only find a apk version for minecraft for phones xD.
  9. I cannot get it to be in there. It says: "Cannot resolve method 'noOcclusion' in 'properties'." This doesn't work Block.Properties .of(Material.IRON) .noOcclusion()));
  10. I did already have a custom EventBusSubscriber so that was a stupid mistake. But now I have a problem. In my block class I cannot add the noOcclusion. I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where I need to put it?
  11. I don't have a FMLClientSetupEvent. (I'm also pretty to modding) What do I need to put in the blank FMLCientSetupEvent? the rest I do understand.
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