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  1. I think I have all the files now that are necessary here is the link https://github.com/hakerman74/efs
  2. Sorry, heres the link with the .gitignore file https://github.com/hakerman74/efs
  3. When I run my mod and look at lime linoleum it just shows air. What do I do? https://github.com/hakerman74/efs Here is the link to all the files in my github.
  4. I changed the Block list to its regular state but it still doesnt work. https://github.com/hakerman74/ModPractice
  5. https://github.com/hakerman74/ModPractice This is my repo for the code I didnt add my assets file
  6. all of it? as in my registries, my main file and is there anything else you need to see?
  7. I looked over my code and theres nowhere else im registering besides my BlockList and ItemsList. I will provide my debug.log in a moment
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