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  1. i dont knows whats wrong, but i dont want to take anymore of your time, i've been able to kind of fix it, apart from losing some items (which i can easily get back) thanks for your help mate. Have a nice day)
  2. thanks for your help, but eh, its still not working latest.log
  3. nope just on my own, i'll uninstall curios
  4. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/extra-disks
  5. i just downloaded it off of curseforge, but ive deleted it and tried to run the world again and its still not working https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/extra-disks
  6. no, i have not made it if that's what you mean
  7. on forge 1.16.5 i'm trying to log into one of my worlds, this one world (my main one) does not load, it says loading world, and then just turns into a blank dirt background. ive tried deleting and reinstalling everything, I've looked at videos, and even with my very limited knowledge have tried reading the logs and crash reports. if any one has any clue how to help i'd be extremely grateful, thank you crash-2021-03-03_14.08.09-server.txt latest.log
  8. i dont have a clue on what to do then mate ill be honest, maybe try installing a different version
  9. go back onto the website and download the installer again (if you deleted it) and then install it again
  10. not sure what it could be then, try reinstalling it, making sure when you download the installer you click on installer instead of universal
  11. have you ran mine craft (1.16.4) prior to the installation
  12. when installing it did you install the client?
  13. just ran it again to get more updated logs debug-1.log.gz
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