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  1. I am using the following snippet inside of an onBlockClicked event listener to strip a custom log. Everything works as expected, except the axe doesn't "swing" as it does with vanilla blocks. It just does nothing. I tried using playerentity.swingArm(event.getHand()); but that does absolutely nothing. How can I achieve a swinging tool?
  2. In my mod I have several custom flower types (instances of FlowerBlock), which I register using the DeferredRegister. Now I want to add them to the composter's registry of compostable items. I know I need to add them to ComposterBlock.CHANCES, but I don't know when exactly I need to do this. When I call ComposterBlock.CHANCES.put() in my mod's main class's constructor, I get a NullPointerException with the message 'Registry Object not present: my_mod:my_flower', even though I created the flower objects before I tried to register them. I suspect I need to call this at a later time, but I couldn
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