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  1. And here is the latest.log for the server: https://gist.github.com/Vinnskii/3d7c8d6330402f69e8bd807a3f8961d1
  2. Hello world, I've been running a FTB Endeavor (the newest FTB modpack) server with a forge .jar file and Hamachi for about a week now and all of the sudden I've been encountering errors upon attempting to launch the server .jar. I'm rather inexperienced with running servers, as this was a personal server for my friends and I. I'd just like to know what I could possibly do to save it. Here is the last part of the .jar log error: [11:12:23] [Server console handler/ERROR] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: Exception handling console input java.io.IOException: The handl
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