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  1. Just sayin...maybe take a look at your coremods first and check with their developers
  2. Ok so progress report: I've started going in the direction of a ICustomModelLoader based on ModelDynBucket, but I'm still struggling to put the pieces together. It's clear that this model loader is registered properly, since I'm no longer getting errors about missing blockstate or item model .json files. I can also confirm that it accepts exactly 1 resource location (which I assume with relative certainty to be the item in question), and that it gets loadModel called, constructs a new model, and that the model then gets bake called, which constructs a new baked model All that is
  3. Hi all, I have an item where the color of every pixel is determined by what is used to craft it (I use a custom crafting table with a 16x16 grid). The item has an array of hexadecimal values, 256 values long, for a 16x16 texture. These values will be determined at the time of crafting, and will stay the same for the remainder of the item's lifetime. I've looked at the MapItemRenderer class, and DynamicTexture seems like the way to go about this, but I can't seem to figure out how the puzzle pieces fit together. Do I have to write my own ItemRenderer for this, or is there a way to apply th
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