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  1. So I thought that I had gotten pretty far on my own but now apparently my code crashes the game. I am new to using the forge API and modding in general and some help on why this crashes the game and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated: public class SpecialItem extends ShootableItem { public SpecialItem(Properties properties){ super(properties); } @Override public Predicate<ItemStack> getInventoryAmmoPredicate() { return null; } @Override public int func_230305_d_() { return 15; } public int tcount=0;
  2. I know I have to use a tick event (I believe clienttickevent)but I don't know how to properly integrate it into an on right click action
  3. I currently have a custom shootable item which fires a projectile entity, what would be the best way to make it so that when right clicked it fires multiple in quick succession with a tick delay in between
  4. well, right clicking for my item but yeah
  5. Well I got the Item to be in the right position but do you have any ideas on how to cancel the arm swing animation
  6. I am sorry in advance because this is kinda going to sound stupid but after two hours of staring I still don't quite know where to go when making an event for this
  7. BipedModel.ArmPose.CROSSBOW_HOLD; Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that what makes the crossbow lie in the middle of the screen
  8. I know that UseAction.CROSSBOW exists but I would like to know if there is a way to only use the crossbow hold animation and not the charge
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