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    That was not a bird, Joe.

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  1. Gotta bump this again. I haven't heard from Widux since a couple months and the offer is still up, If anyone wants to take it!
  2. That would again require more than just placing down a block and clicking a button. I need something quick and easy.
  3. I like to experiment a lot in creative and check out new functionality, but i always run into a problem. To run most machines you need a source for resources and power and here is where i need some help. I would love to have a block, which outputs power or resources as specified. Let's say a block to produce infinite amounts of crude oil or ender pearls. So simply a cheat block to infinitely supply anything i want it to. I have asked multiple people, but no one is willing to create such a simple mod for a bit of cash. I am a beginning programmer myself, but have no time to learn java. Since i also want to help those who spent their time developing these awesome mods I thought I'd pay someone to do such mod for me. If anyone is interested feel free to drop me a message or mail me.
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