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  1. Ive got the server back up and running, will see now if others are able to join aswell
  2. No I added minecolonies, and structurize which is needed for minecolonies, but all was well until now.
  3. Okay I enabled it, here are both of them (I dont know if I did this right, never used it before, but heres the link to both of them) https://github.com/diegomerenick/Diego-Merenick/tree/main
  4. I have no debug.log for my client but I have attached the latest log. For my servers debug.log I cannot attach it probably because it is to big. latest.log
  5. My server is fully up but when I try to join my run.bat says "[co.li.co.ConfigSyncManager/]: Skipping config sync, no mods have registered a syncable config" and then my screen still states Failed to connect to server "Failed to synchronize registry data from server, closing connection" I have attached my latest log, for if it is of any use. latest.log
  6. Is there anyway I can reinstall but save my world? For example if I save my "world" folder and swap it out on the new mod pack should that work?
  7. Hmm the first time it crashed but I deleted all the folders again and this time it seems to be up, but when I try to join it says "failed to synchronize registry data from server, closing connection" What should I do?
  8. Hello my server was and has been running fine for weeks now, but today when I try to join it keeps crashing. Each time it crashes it is a new toml file that fails to load, after I remove it, then there is a new crash with a new failed toml file. I have even removed all of them and the same problem still occurred. crash-2021-09-06_20.20.18-server.txt
  9. I deleted the file in the wrong folder, I now deleted the one in the world folder and everything is working fine. Thanks
  10. Now it says this. There is also a refinedstorage-server.toml should I delete that aswell? crash-2021-06-30_12.48.37-server.txt
  11. I have added minecolonies + structurize to the modpack, and everything was working yesterday, but today I cant get it to work, and it keeps crashing. crash-2021-06-30_12.33.32-server.txt
  12. I'm having troubles with my FTB server. After adding several new mods to my FTB modpack server. My FTB launcher crashes and states. Here's the crash log. crash-2021-03-15_02.30.41-client.txt Error: cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: tconstruct/weaponry/items/Boneana And my server "start.bat" crashes. Here's the crash log. crash-2021-03-15_02.28.53-server.txt Before adding the mods there were no issues. I added around 15 extra mods and everything seemed fine, I added 2 more and there was an issue, so I removed the 2 extra that I added but then this happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated, been at this for hours. Thanks :)
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