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  1. ScorchedMC - play.scorchedmc.com Hey there! We are ScorchedMC, a survival multi-player server for Minecraft: Java Edition. We offer a great variety of features to make Minecraft more enjoyable. The ScorchedMC community is very close and friendly, we're always looking for new players to join us on our adventure. Key features At ScorchedMC we try to provide the ultimate player expierence, we add new things every now and then to keep the game fun and challenging. We have a roadmap with upcoming updates for 2021, but our current features are: Custom Enchantments Chest Shops Rank-Ups [level 1 to 50] Player warps Dynmap Toggleable PvP Weekly events on Friday About us ScorchedMC has players from all over the world, our primary languages are English and Dutch. Scorched MC was created at the beginning of 2021. We have a small but very-well experienced staff-team that moderates the server. Links IP: play.scorchedmc.com Discord: ScorchedMC Official Website: scorchedmc.com Forums: forums.scorchedmc.com Dynmap: map.scorchedmc.com Instagram: @scorchedmc Twitter: @scorched_mc
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