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  1. Item may be both mine or vanilla As title says, I want to render it in GUI yes, ItemStack Current render code this.itemRenderer.zLevel = 100.0F; for (ResearchTableEntity.ItemState state : container.researchTableEntity.getItemStates()) { this.itemRenderer.renderItemAndEffectIntoGUI(this.minecraft.player, state.item, tableRect.x + state.pos.x - 8, tableRect.y + state.pos.y - 8); } this.itemRenderer.zLevel = 0.0F;
  2. Is there any built-in way to do that? I also have an Idea to render 8 single-color copies of item model around original one, but in this case I need to find a way to render a single-color item (i.e. no texture, just a silhouette)
  3. Remove that ".getDefaultInstance();" from your Geilomaticer.java at all
  4. Remove public static final RegistryObject<Item> TELE_STICK = ITEMS.register("ender_staff", () -> new Item(new Item.Properties().tab(Geilomaticer.M_GROUP))); Also by saying "replace the content of function makeIcon" I meant the code inside { and }. Your function makeIcon in Geilomaticer.java should look like @Override public ItemStack makeIcon() { return new ItemStack(Iteminit.TELE_STICK.get()); }
  5. error 1: "extends Item". I already told you about that error 2: as it says, "variable TELE_STICK is already defined in class Iteminit". You have two variables with same name. Remove one with RegistryObject<Item> error 3: looks weird, let's return to this later error 4: in Geilomaticer.java replace the content of function makeIcon with "return new ItemStack(Iteminit.TELE_STICK.get());" error 5: caused by error 1 error 6: same as 3 error 7: you seem to not add constructor to your ender_staff as I asked earlier error 8: same as 3 error 9: same as 5 error 10: same as 5 P.S. when you apply changes, post your log again. We need an updated version
  6. The console. The place where you found these 7 errors ๐Ÿ™‚ Copy it's output. This is the log P.S. of course, compile the code first ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Add " import com.Geilomaticer.Geilomaticers.items.ender_staff;" near other imports in your register class file
  8. Do you have compiler errors or game runs and you just don't see modified tooltip? Also question, do you see your item in game at all?
  9. public static final RegistryObject<Item> TELE_STICK = ITEMS.register("ender_staff", () -> new Item(new Item.Properties().tab(Geilomaticer.M_GROUP))); should be replaced with public static final RegistryObject<ender_staff> TELE_STICK = ITEMS.register("ender_staff", () -> new ender_staff(new Item.Properties().tab(Geilomaticer.M_GROUP)));
  10. ok, thx. Well, I see some things that confuses me. First of all, try to add "@Override" right above "public void addInformation..." Next, your class should extend Item, not item. For compiler they are two different classes. Does it compile, actually? Also I don't see the constructor for your staff. You should add public ender_staff(Properties properties) { super(properties); } right between "public class ender_staff extends Item {" and added "@Override"
  11. Yes. Player inventory have network part. I have to send messages to server and perform all mouse item modifications there. P.S. no need to perform them on both client and server, server would be enough
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