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  1. I think it's a combability issue with Dynamic Surroundings cause I just joined another server with a different modpack than mine, but it had Dynamic Surroundings and it works...
  2. After many hours I finally found that dynamic surrounding is the mod causing this. Do you know why that is? And do you know another good mod that would replace it?
  3. If I remove all my mods the server works perfectly.
  4. I did that and I still have the same exact issue. I even deleted the server folders to make a "new one" after removing these 2 mods. More info: Whenever I throw an item, no matter what direction I look at, it will throw it in the direction I was initially looking at when I spawned.
  5. Here is my debug.log: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1dny49ro21qxvfz/debug.log/file I had to upload it to my Mediafire cause when I try to attach it here it says "-200" and "Upload Failed"... very weird. Here is a video of everything I mentioned above including my skin being bugged at the end: And here is a screenshot of what my skin normally looks like, hoodie and some headphones on the side of his head (this was taken right after this video in a Singleplayer world with all of the same mods): https://imgur.com/a/6HaLqTm
  6. Hello. I have this huge problem in my Forge server that I'm trying to host on my pc where whenever I join, I can only look around, I cant see my hand, neither can I see my player when I look in F5. The only thing I can do is break blocks around me (my hand still isnt showing there either). When I pick up an item, its kind of stuck in that animation where it stretch for a second when it appears in your hotbar. Whenever I do /kill my camera shakes violently on the "respawn" screen. When I click respawn, I can now walk around but when I look in 3rd person my player is missing layers
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