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  1. Hello there, let us introduce ourself and maybe get you to join our amazing community! DestiCube is a new Survival (SMP) Minecraft Server just created about a year ago that went public last week. We work hard to bring our players a new server with quality plugins and builds. ──── ✧ Server Info ✧ ──── Server Information: Name: DestiCube IP: play.desticube.com Version: 1.16.5 (or 1.12.2+) Website: https://desticube.com Discord: discord.gg/ANqEsky ──── ✧ Features ✧ ──── What do we have to offer you may ask? Well, there is a lot you can do on DestiCube so let me list you each of the main things you can do: ➢ Skills; Upgrade your skills by doing regular task and unlock special abilities ➢ Companions; Players can buy up to 19 Companions which gives them special abilities when used ➢ Custom Dungeons; Drop loot and exp from Bosses/Mobs from the Dungeons (more coming soon) ➢ Custom Enchants; Enchant your items with custom enchants ➢ Custom Items; We are currently working on creating Custom Items and Event Items ➢ PvP; DestiCube has a dedicated PvP map and Duels to prove your fighting skills ➢ GriefProtection; Protect your land from any unwanted griefers ➢ Economy; Fully player-driven economy with Server Shops, ChestShop and Auction House ➢ Jobs; Players can join up to 4 jobs depending on their ranks to help them make money ➢ Ranks; There is currently 8 free ranks and 4 paid ranks with each their unique features ➢ Crates; Players are rewarded with keys to open crates and win prizes that help them progress in the game ➢ And more.... ──── ✧ Map Info ✧ ──── Survival: 12,000 x 12,000 - PvP if activated Nether: 5,000 x 5,000 (Reset each month)- PvP ON The End: 5,000 x 5,000 (Reset each month)- PvP ON Pvp: 5,000 x 5,000 - PvP ON Dungeons: 1,000 x 1,000 - PvP OFF We are doing frequent updates and improvements to reduce lags, add features and expand our Server. Being a week old, DestiCube, Staff is very limited but none the less very active. We are looking foward to recruit new Staff Members (Builders, Helpers, Moderators) Our Community is friendly and you are more than welcome to join it and start a new adventure!
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