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  1. Ok... I don't need help now. I figured this myself.
  2. I mean I want this model to be rendered always like in capes. If your UUID matches UUID in list you automatically have backpack rendered on your back.
  3. I'm continuing (kinda) my cape topic. After discussion I've decided to make backpack instead of capes, I have backpack model that was created in blockbench and it's exported as .java class. I have two problems: 1. How to implement this model. 2. How to make void or function to render this model on player's back (also I want to make it render on players specified by UUID) There's raw .java backpack model file (it's not in in my files yet): // Made with Blockbench 3.8.3 // Exported for Minecraft version 1.15 - 1.16 // Paste this class into your mod and generate all required im
  4. I tried updating and mod successfully ran but, ores aren't generating. Can somebody help me. As in my main topic, problem is with .withFeature, .withConfiguration and .configure. Don't know what is replacement in 1.16.5. Code below is reverted to it's original state (from 1.16.4) Here's whole Intellij window (code with errors, etc.)
  5. So... I upgraded project to 1.16.5 everything went well, I have changed those necessary things like changing .group() to .tab(), etc. But I have problem with this one: private static void generateOre(BiomeGenerationSettingsBuilder settings, RuleTest fillerType, BlockState state, int veinSize, int minHeight, int maxHeight, int amount) { settings.withFeature(GenerationStage.Decoration.UNDERGROUND_ORES, Feature.ORE.withConfiguration(new OreFeatureConfig(fillerType, state, veinSize)) .withPlacement(Placement.RA
  6. Will this be correct? public void PlayerData(Entity entity) { UUID uuid = entity.getUUID(); }
  7. oh... ok I will see what I can do. Thanks alot
  8. Ok... So I need to upgrade project to 1.16.5 and then what I'm supposed to do with Entity#getUniqueID?
  9. Hi, It's me again. So my question is... How to get player UUID. I have special "dev backpacks", but I want to make it only appear on player that I will select by UUID. Is it possible to make? Forge - 1.16.4-forge-35.1.4
  10. I made model and exported this as .java class is it correct to do?
  11. I started to think and somehow i got idea of backpacks. Dunno why, but i think it's possible
  12. I can make hats? Are there any tutorial how to make hats? I mean they will be automatically appear on player with specific UUID, etc.
  13. Oh... Well I maybe i will try to make something, but I wanted to make capes since I have some concepts for capes, but I don't know how to implement them. Also is there anything else you can make in mod to do something like that?
  14. I want to make something like "dev's, donators" capes for my mod. Can someone tell me if it's possible? For example selecting players by UUID, custom textures, etc. As for forge I'm using 1.16.4-forge-35.1.4.
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