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  1. Wow, it was easier that I expected! That was so helpful, it works perfectly, thanks again!
  2. Makes sense! So the ghost cloud entity with no values are actually unused client data not syncronized with the server one... Thanks a lot, that was so helpful Still dind't know how to call events from server side but now I kwow where to investigate, thank you!
  3. Hi, I'm a little new on modding. Actually this its my first mod and everything was going fine until I got stuck on this problem. I have a block that when it breaks is replaced and the player get posion and I wanted to spawn an AreaEffectCloud if is breaked with an explosion. So I did that: @Override public void onBlockDestroyedByExplosion(World world, BlockPos pos, Explosion explosion) { replaceRegen(world, pos); EntityAreaEffectCloud cloud = new EntityAreaEffectCloud(world, pos.getX(),pos.getY(),pos.getZ()); cloud.setOwner(explosion.getExplosivePlacedBy()); cloud.setRadius(
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