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  1. title. I've seen other code using FMLClientHandler to connect to server but it doesn't seem to exist in 1.16 forge. Thanks.
  2. Reposting because I had no answers last time. How can I display a simple text on the screen with 1.16? Please give a demo. Thanks.
  3. I did. "Implicit super constructor Screen() is undefined. Must explicitly invoke another constructor". I've also listed ScaledResolution and drawCenterString that I can't find.
  4. I'm new to moding in forge and the frequent changes to the module names is really confusing/hard(a lot of tutorial doesn't work now). The documentation doesn't have all the functions in forge listed as well, nor the replacement of old functions(maybe this isn't forges fault? but this is definitely up there for the worst experience to code with). </END RANT> I'm following this tutorial: https://emxtutorials.wordpress.com/simple-in-game-gui-overlay/: Gui("net.minecraft.client.gui.Gui") class is not in Forge anymore. I've heard other people in forums say replacement is "net.minecraft.client.gui.screen.Screen" but not sure. ScaledResoluation("net.minecraft.client.gui.ScaledResolution;") is not in Forge anymore. I also can't find bunch of other stuff like drawCenteredString. If some one could post a demo of a GUI overlay in 1.16, or tell me the replacement of above, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
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