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  1. was finally able to update the server, still get this issue. it let me reconnect a few times without this happening, so its not every time, but it still happens sometimes.
  2. google drive ling for debug.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z_lnkZryAxn3C4bx5e4YzFLRYNmw2gv1/view?usp=sharing
  3. i tried multiple times to upload the full log before, i either get a 'too big' error, or in githubs case just completely crash the page. just me launching the game, failing to connect to the server and quiting makes a debug log that is 600k lines.
  4. here is a debug snippet after successfully joining the server and disconnecting: https://pastebin.com/HdufhZAS and here is a debug snippet when trying to reconnect to the server: https://pastebin.com/JPqssXpx
  5. hosting a custom pack server for some people, only me and one other person are getting this problem currently. after disconnecting from the server for any reason, the first reconnect gets as far as "loading world" then displays the error: "Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke 'net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.ClientPacketListener.m_6198_()" because the return value of "net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.m_91403_()" is null' after getting this error, further attempts to connect just result in the connection timing out. the client is able to reconnect after a server restart, but having to restart the server any time i want to reconnect is terrible. restarting the client does not help. log snip: https://pastebin.com/g4sANJmc no real idea what mod is causing the problem at this point. minecraft version: 1.18.2 modpack: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/bread-bank-3 Forge: 40.1.74 launcher: multimc lwjgl 3 version: 3.2.2 java:
  6. Thats what im thinking it is. Ive removed the mod and it is running fine now.
  7. It seems like github cut off the log because it was too long, so you cant see the error because it is further in the log. I have looked into it further and believe it is 'mowzies mobs' causing the problem, though im not sure yet. here is a snip of the log, and if you have a better place to upload it that would be great: [24Mar2021 18:05:13.098] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Silent Gear/]: Add wild fluffy plants to minecraft:jungle_hills [24Mar2021 18:05:13.100] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Dungeon Crawl/]: Generation Biome: minecraft:badlands_plateau [24Mar2021 18:05:13.103] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Dungeon Crawl/]: Generation Biome: byg:glowshroom_bayou [24Mar2021 18:05:13.103] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Silent Gear/]: Add wild fluffy plants to byg:glowshroom_bayou [24Mar2021 18:05:13.106] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Silent Gear/]: Add crimson iron ores to biomesoplenty:undergrowth [24Mar2021 18:05:13.108] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Dungeon Crawl/]: Generation Biome: biomesoplenty:tundra_bog [24Mar2021 18:05:13.108] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Silent Gear/]: Add wild fluffy plants to biomesoplenty:tundra_bog [24Mar2021 18:05:13.110] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Dungeon Crawl/]: Generation Biome: byg:aspen_forest_hills [24Mar2021 18:05:13.110] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Silent Gear/]: Add wild fluffy plants to byg:aspen_forest_hills [24Mar2021 18:05:13.113] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Dungeon Crawl/]: Generation Biome: byg:shattered_glacier [24Mar2021 18:05:13.113] [Server thread/DEBUG] [Silent Gear/]: Add wild fluffy plants to byg:shattered_glacier [24Mar2021 18:05:13.222] [Server thread/ERROR] [net.minecraft.util.registry.WorldSettingsImport/]: Error adding element: Base value out of range: 256 [-10-128]
  8. Been running a dedicated server for a while, and after an update it started lagging a lot. Getting spam of 'Error adding element: Base value out of range: 256 [-10-128]' in the debug. This seems to occur after biome generation is edited, which causes the process to reset and repeat over and over. We can play for a while before this happens though. debug.log: https://gist.github.com/EnderMelody/4274949f5a93dd75db81c5fbca471533
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