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  1. My bad for late reply forge decided not to notify me that’s you replied I will send you code in a bit.
  2. So I'm trying to add custom armor but whenever I apply it and go into f5 mode the game crashes. I'm pretty sure the error comes from not having a model for the armor but i cant figure out how to set the model. Crash report: https://pastebin.com/CXLivSLz
  3. 1. I know that’s why the listener is added in CommenSetup 2. Thank you for the information I will use this method in the future
  4. So I spent forever trying to figure this out so hopefully this solves the problem for those of you in the same situation. So we use the BiomeLoadingEvent to catch when biomes are loading and add our ConfiguredFeature. Ore Generation like so: public class WorldGen { public static final ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> yourOre = Feature.ORE.withConfiguration( new OreFeatureConfig(OreFeatureConfig.FillerBlockType.BASE_STONE_OVERWORLD, YourRegistryHandler.YOUR_ORE.get().getDefaultState(), 4)) //vein size .range(12).square() //maximum y level where ore can spawn
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