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  1. @LexManos: Wow! Thanks for the insight. Let me just make sure I understand how this would work: I can copy the world folder off the Server (it's just another PC on my desk that is on all the time) and paste it into my regular Minecraft folder on my Gaming PC. I would then load that world as a single player on that computer, and let world optimizer it do it's thing. Then I can copy that world folder back to the Server, and hopefully the stray attributes will have been cleaned up. Is that correct? I will be sure to make a backup of everything before I try this (I have our world bac
  2. Got it. It sounds like there is no way to "fix" this, then. As I mentioned, the server never crashes, and I was just concerned about filling the log up with junk 9especially given the frequency of them. Just as a side note, I re-installed the latest recommended version of Forge on both the Server and my Client yesterday. I then joined and played for about an hour. The number of warnings was way down, though I was only playing in a very small area. Too bad there isn't a way to update the world to eliminate these warning notices. Anyway, thank you SO Much, diesieben07, for all your as
  3. Hmmm...so no solution, then? It doesn't seem to be causing any grief at this point, but it does fill the Server log with entries. It's weird that I've never had that issue before now? For what it is worth, I have never had an issue with server crashes or performance, I just happened to notice the alarming frequency of these warnings. I think I'll get someone else to join and see if the issue occurs when they are online as well. Maybe it has something to do with my player file? Would there be any sense in re-installing the Forge Server? Is there a way to manually edit somethin
  4. Hello again! The original Server and World started off at v1.15.2...it was then upgraded to 1.16.3 with all the appropriate updates to Forge and the mods. This particular issue did not start happening until I upgraded to 1.16.5 and current Forge version. Everything else is the same...same mods, same Vanilla Tweaks, same players (it's really just my Daughters and a few of their friends). Typically, there are no more than 3 players, and usually it's just me (CPT_Bob_26). I hope this helps. Thanks so much! Regards, Bob~
  5. OK... Well, that got a chuckle out of me on a Monday morning...LOL! 😄 Looks like I may have inadvertently discovered something strange and unusual. Do you think the issue could be on the Client side? I am learning all of this on-the-fly, so please be patient, especially if I don't describe everything correctly. Here is some additional information that I have discovered...There is a folder in the World folder called 'playerdata.' Inside are dat files that look to be associated with the various players. I found one with a timestamp from when I was last on the server and used a
  6. Good morning! Got it...sorry I posted the wrong one the first time. Please see the attached. I appreciate your assistance! debug.log
  7. Hello! I have a private Forge Server running that I play on with some friends. I just updated the Minecraft Server to 1.16.5 and have the latest recommended Forge Server installed as well (36.1.0). I am also running (and have been) the following mods: Just Enough Items, Fast Leaf Decay, and Mr. Crayfish's Furniture mods. I also have some Datapacks and Crafting Tweaks from the Vanilla Tweaks site installed. On the client side, I have several Resource Packs installed. I have upgraded each of them to the most current version. Anyway, the server starts fine, and the world seems to
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