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  1. Ok I will look at those. Thanks for your help. There have also been reports from my player base, that structures, chests, ore veins, etc. in these dimensions reappear/refill after leaving the dimension and coming back. Would this possibly be related? or completely different?
  2. I made a server running a few mods on a custom made modpack, running Minecraft forge version 1.16.5-36.1.0. When someone on the server dies in either the end or the nether dimension, they cannot pick up the contents of their inventory. We are using these mods: Applied Energistics 2, Building Gadgets, Chiseled, Cofh Core, Cooking For Blockheads, Dank storage, Easy Piglins, Easy Villagers, Enviromats, Farming For Blockheads, Flux Networks, Iron Chest, Iron Furnaces, JEI, Journeymap, Just Enough Resources, mcjtylib, Mekanism, Mekanism Additions, Mekanism Generators, Mekanism Tools, Neat, Ore Exca
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