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  1. I am using the macos terminal and when insert the path and run this command user-MBP ~ % /Users/my_name/Documents/Programming/Java/Minecraft\ Mods/My\ forge\ mod gradlew build zsh: permission denied: /Users/my_name/Documents/Programming/Java/Minecraft Mods/My forge mod the permission is denied. How to give permission to gradle?
  2. There were some errors and it said that intellij suppressed the errors and then the game opened. Now I just updated to the 1.16.5 MDK version and it works.
  3. I know that that, but when I downloaded the official forge example mod, and added a few blocks, the error was suppressed.
  4. I started making my first mod, added a few blocks and items and everything worked perfectly, but then I downloaded an example mod, because its easier to learn concepts for minecraft modding. Then I imported the project into Intellij, executed the genintellijruns task and finally clicked on run client. But then the build crashed with exit code 255. Everything worked perfectly until this part. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? [23:17:19] [Render thread/INFO] [mojang/YggdrasilAuthenticationService]: Environment: authHost='https://authserver.mojang.com', accountsHost='https://api.mojang.c
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