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  1. Hey i have the same problem,and i have hear you have fixed this already can you maybe show me the code of it?
  2. Hi i have a question, i try the same but my block makes only light when a block update is:
  3. hi, i have tryed to generate a jigsaw Structue but my problem is when i try to regist it make it many Errors (have any a idea how can i register this code?) this is my code: public class AlienVillageStructure extends Structure<NoFeatureConfig> { private static Feature<NoFeatureConfig> feature = null; private static ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> configuredFeature = null; public AlienVillageStructure(Codec<NoFeatureConfig> codec) { super(codec); //MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(this); System.out.println("its works!"); } /** * This is how the worldgen c
  4. Hi can any help me to fix this bug? (the structure cut of when i spawn it)
  5. but the forge event is dead can you pls help me now or hate you me now because i use mcreator ( yea ok i use mcreator but i use many custom codding) and why i lying because when i say i use Mcreator then help you me not any more
  6. https://github.com/MrScautHD/Space-Bosstools you find the code in the folder Procedure/PlayerRendererProcedure.java
  7. why should i do that? (and btw my github is private) and this is not my problem, pls help only
  8. i dont use MCreator lol, this workspace based only on a mcreator workspace but the code is from me and i self use Intellij, (is a old workspace, and i have already change the program) pls help (i dont a MCshit user)
  9. https://pastebin.com/2DHjbMk8
  10. i have check it already in the console when i leave the entity is it for 1 tick workingand then not any more (only when i check if the player ridding) you can try it self then see you it and without if player ridding a entity is it working. i hope you can help me
  11. Hi i have a problem the EntityEvent.Size Event work not right when i sit on a entity work it not any more i hope forge can fix this in the next version Code: @SubscribeEvent public void renderPlayerPre(EntityEvent.Size size) { if (((event.getEntity().getRidingEntity()) instanceof RocketEntity.CustomEntity)) { size.setNewEyeHeight(1f); } }
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