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  1. Hey i have the same problem,and i have hear you have fixed this already can you maybe show me the code of it?
  2. Hi i have a question, i try the same but my block makes only light when a block update is:
  3. hi, i have tryed to generate a jigsaw Structue but my problem is when i try to regist it make it many Errors (have any a idea how can i register this code?) this is my code: public class AlienVillageStructure extends Structure<NoFeatureConfig> { private static Feature<NoFeatureConfig> feature = null; private static ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> configuredFeature = null; public AlienVillageStructure(Codec<NoFeatureConfig> codec) { super(codec); //MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(this); System.out.println("its works!"); } /** * This is how the worldgen code knows what to call when it * is time to create the pieces of the structure for generation. */ @Override public IStartFactory<NoFeatureConfig> getStartFactory() { return AlienVillageStructure.Start::new; } /** * Generation stage for when to generate the structure. there are 10 stages you can pick from! * This surface structure stage places the structure before plants and ores are generated. */ @Override public GenerationStage.Decoration getDecorationStage() { return GenerationStage.Decoration.SURFACE_STRUCTURES; } /** * || ONLY WORKS IN FORGE 34.1.12+ || * * This method allows us to have mobs that spawn naturally over time in our structure. * No other mobs will spawn in the structure of the same entity classification. * The reason you want to match the classifications is so that your structure's mob * will contribute to that classification's cap. Otherwise, it may cause a runaway * spawning of the mob that will never stop. * * NOTE: getDefaultSpawnList is for monsters only and getDefaultCreatureSpawnList is * for creatures only. If you want to add entities of another classification, * use the StructureSpawnListGatherEvent to add water_creatures, water_ambient, * ambient, or misc mobs. Use that event to add/remove mobs from structures * that are not your own. */ private static final List<MobSpawnInfo.Spawners> STRUCTURE_MONSTERS = ImmutableList.of( new MobSpawnInfo.Spawners(EntityType.ILLUSIONER, 100, 4, 9), new MobSpawnInfo.Spawners(EntityType.VINDICATOR, 100, 4, 9) ); @Override public List<MobSpawnInfo.Spawners> getDefaultSpawnList() { return STRUCTURE_MONSTERS; } private static final List<MobSpawnInfo.Spawners> STRUCTURE_CREATURES = ImmutableList.of( new MobSpawnInfo.Spawners(EntityType.SHEEP, 30, 10, 15), new MobSpawnInfo.Spawners(EntityType.RABBIT, 100, 1, 2) ); @Override public List<MobSpawnInfo.Spawners> getDefaultCreatureSpawnList() { return STRUCTURE_CREATURES; } /* * This is where extra checks can be done to determine if the structure can spawn here. * This only needs to be overridden if you're adding additional spawn conditions. * * Notice how the biome is also passed in. Though, you are not going to * do any biome checking here as you should've added this structure to * the biomes you wanted already with the biome load event. * * Basically, this method is used for determining if the land is at a suitable height, * if certain other structures are too close or not, or some other restrictive condition. * * For example, Pillager Outposts added a check to make sure it cannot spawn within 10 chunk of a Village. * (Bedrock Edition seems to not have the same check) * * * Also, please for the love of god, do not do dimension checking here. If you do and * another mod's dimension is trying to spawn your structure, the locate * command will make minecraft hang forever and break the game. * * Instead, use the addDimensionalSpacing method in StructureTutorialMain class. * If you check for the dimension there and do not add your structure's * spacing into the chunk generator, the structure will not spawn in that dimension! */ // @Override // protected boolean func_230363_a_(ChunkGenerator chunkGenerator, BiomeProvider biomeSource, long seed, SharedSeedRandom chunkRandom, int chunkX, int chunkZ, Biome biome, ChunkPos chunkPos, NoFeatureConfig featureConfig) { // int landHeight = chunkGenerator.getNoiseHeight(chunkX << 4, chunkZ << 4, Heightmap.Type.WORLD_SURFACE_WG); // return landHeight > 100; // } /** * Handles calling up the structure's pieces class and height that structure will spawn at. */ public static class Start extends StructureStart<NoFeatureConfig> { public Start(Structure<NoFeatureConfig> structureIn, int chunkX, int chunkZ, MutableBoundingBox mutableBoundingBox, int referenceIn, long seedIn) { super(structureIn, chunkX, chunkZ, mutableBoundingBox, referenceIn, seedIn); } @Override public void func_230364_a_(DynamicRegistries dynamicRegistryManager, ChunkGenerator chunkGenerator, TemplateManager templateManagerIn, int chunkX, int chunkZ, Biome biomeIn, NoFeatureConfig config) { // Turns the chunk coordinates into actual coordinates we can use. (Gets center of that chunk) int x = (chunkX << 4) + 7; int z = (chunkZ << 4) + 7; /* * We pass this into func_242837_a to tell it where to generate the structure. * If func_242837_a's last parameter is true, blockpos's Y value is ignored and the * structure will spawn at terrain height instead. Set that parameter to false to * force the structure to spawn at blockpos's Y value instead. You got options here! */ BlockPos blockpos = new BlockPos(x, 0, z); // All a structure has to do is call this method to turn it into a jigsaw based structure! JigsawManager.func_242837_a( dynamicRegistryManager, new VillageConfig(() -> dynamicRegistryManager.getRegistry(Registry.JIGSAW_POOL_KEY) // The path to the starting Template Pool JSON file to read. // // Note, this is "structure_tutorial:run_down_house/start_pool" which means // the game will automatically look into the following path for the template pool: // "resources/data/structure_tutorial/worldgen/template_pool/run_down_house/start_pool.json" // This is why your pool files must be in "data/<modid>/worldgen/template_pool/<the path to the pool here>" // because the game automatically will check in worldgen/template_pool for the pools. .getOrDefault(new ResourceLocation("boss_tools", "run_alien_village/side_alien")), // How many pieces outward from center can a recursive jigsaw structure spawn. // Our structure is only 1 block out and isn't recursive so any value of 1 or more doesn't change anything. // However, I recommend you keep this a high value so people can use datapacks to add additional pieces to your structure easily. // But don't make it too large for recursive structures like villages or you'll crash server due to hundreds of pieces attempting to generate! 20), AbstractVillagePiece::new, chunkGenerator, templateManagerIn, blockpos, // Position of the structure. Y value is ignored if last parameter is set to true. this.components, // The list that will be populated with the jigsaw pieces after this method. this.rand, true, // Allow intersecting jigsaw pieces. If false, villages cannot generate houses. I recommend to keep this to true. true); // Place at heightmap (top land). Set this to false for structure to be place at blockpos's Y value instead // **THE FOLLOWING TWO LINES ARE OPTIONAL** // // Right here, you can do interesting stuff with the pieces in this.components such as offset the // center piece by 50 blocks up for no reason, remove repeats of a piece or add a new piece so // only 1 of that piece exists, etc. But you do not have access to the piece's blocks as this list // holds just the piece's size and positions. Blocks will be placed later in JigsawManager. // // In this case, we do `piece.offset` to raise pieces up by 1 block so that the house is not right on // the surface of water or sunken into land a bit. // // Then we extend the bounding box down by 1 by doing `piece.getBoundingBox().minY` which will cause the // land formed around the structure to be lowered and not cover the doorstep. You can raise the bounding // box to force the structure to be buried as well. This bounding box stuff with land is only for structures // that you added to Structure.field_236384_t_ field handles adding land around the base of structures. // // By lifting the house up by 1 and lowering the bounding box, the land at bottom of house will now be // flush with the surrounding terrain without blocking off the doorstep. this.components.forEach(piece -> piece.offset(0, 1, 0)); this.components.forEach(piece -> piece.getBoundingBox().minY -= 1); // Sets the bounds of the structure once you are finished. this.recalculateStructureSize(); // I use to debug and quickly find out if the structure is spawning or not and where it is. // This is returning the coordinates of the center starting piece. //StructureTutorialMain.LOGGER.log(Level.DEBUG, "Rundown House at " + // I use to debug and quickly find out if the structure is spawning or not and where it is. // This is returning the coordinates of the center starting piece. } //@SubscribeEvent //public void registerFeature(RegistryEvent.Register<Feature<?>> event) { // configuredFeature = feature.withConfiguration(IFeatureConfig.NO_FEATURE_CONFIG) // .withPlacement(Placement.NOPE.configure(IPlacementConfig.NO_PLACEMENT_CONFIG)); // event.getRegistry().register(feature.setRegistryName("alienvillage")); // Registry.register(WorldGenRegistries.CONFIGURED_FEATURE, new ResourceLocation("boss_tools:alienvillage"), configuredFeature); //} } //@SubscribeEvent // public void addFeatureToBiomes(BiomeLoadingEvent event) { // event.getGeneration().getFeatures(GenerationStage.Decoration.SURFACE_STRUCTURES).add(() -> configuredFeature); //} } i hope any can help me
  4. Hi can any help me to fix this bug? (the structure cut of when i spawn it)
  5. but the forge event is dead can you pls help me now or hate you me now because i use mcreator ( yea ok i use mcreator but i use many custom codding) and why i lying because when i say i use Mcreator then help you me not any more
  6. https://github.com/MrScautHD/Space-Bosstools you find the code in the folder Procedure/PlayerRendererProcedure.java
  7. why should i do that? (and btw my github is private) and this is not my problem, pls help only
  8. i dont use MCreator lol, this workspace based only on a mcreator workspace but the code is from me and i self use Intellij, (is a old workspace, and i have already change the program) pls help (i dont a MCshit user)
  9. https://pastebin.com/2DHjbMk8
  10. i have check it already in the console when i leave the entity is it for 1 tick workingand then not any more (only when i check if the player ridding) you can try it self then see you it and without if player ridding a entity is it working. i hope you can help me
  11. Hi i have a problem the EntityEvent.Size Event work not right when i sit on a entity work it not any more i hope forge can fix this in the next version Code: @SubscribeEvent public void renderPlayerPre(EntityEvent.Size size) { if (((event.getEntity().getRidingEntity()) instanceof RocketEntity.CustomEntity)) { size.setNewEyeHeight(1f); } }
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