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  1. Oh thank you, now It works : ) The wiki doesn't mention this detail, which makes the replication confusing
  2. I was trying to replicate this tutorial https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/gettingstarted/autoupdate/, but for some reason is not working. When I initiate the launcher with the version 1.0.0 , It does not show that the updated version is 1.0.1 mods.toml:https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/update_checker/src/main/resources/META-INF/mods.toml json with update information: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/update_checker/update.json
  3. I have a class of items called Ragnarok_Cards. My ideia was creating the item Loot_Box with would spawn a random already seen card. For that I was registering in nbt of player every time he pickup a card. But when the player dies, the nbt is reset. How I can stop the nbt from resetting? ( Or if this is not the proper way of storing extra data of the player, what is the right one?) Ragnarok_Card: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/main/src/main/java/ragnarok_cards/Items/RagnarokCard.java Pickup event: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards
  4. Oh, found It, I put the toml file in the run/defaultconfigs folder.
  5. So, Can I before hand create a custom configuration file (.toml) and everytime a new world is created, put this file in the serverconfig folder? How I do that?
  6. Hey It works thanks, also I fixed the stylish missteps
  7. I want to add extra loot for vanilla mobs. First I made work the forge docs global loot table example, and from It I tried to extend to mob drops, but I doing something wrong, and every mob is just dropping nothing. Could you please help me find how to resolve It? The LootModifier Subclass: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/main/src/main/java/ragnarok_cards/Items/aa.java Register: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/main/src/main/java/ragnarok_cards/RegisterEventsItems.java The global_loot_modifiers.json: https://github.com/GustavoSa
  8. Hey, everything is working, thanks : ). About the potions effects, probably I was inverting the world.isRemote(), haha, whoops.
  9. Probably since if I just run It in the server, I cant play the sound, and the potions for some reason stay at 0:00 time and never disappear. For example, in a event such as LivingEntityUseItemEvent.Finish the server side call a function which would play a sound in the client side
  10. I was trying to make a food with a chance to play a sound then give potions effects when eaten. I was using event.getEntity().world.rand.nextInt(2) to generate the random number, but the values from client and server are different. How do I make them be the same? Also, there is a way to the server side call a function in the client side?
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