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  1. ok again; I can go in my portal, but when i´m in my dimension its spawns itself in it AND me in a netherportal so i get to the nether
  2. pleaasseeeeee!http://25.media.tumblr.com/800fb47db034ea70dd3b6537b9b733ac/tumblr_mhpp1tBRRp1s0ngdco1_400.gif[/img]
  3. I already make the WorldProvider, and Chunk Provider for a dimension. So i made a portal (like the end portal) but when i´m going in it, it tooks me to my dimension and generate a netherportal, where i stand so that i get teleported to the nether! HELP please!!
  4. what do you mean with null ? I now remove this.spawnableCreatureList.clear(); and this.theBiomeDecorator.grassPerChunk = 12; (the last one because it´s not really necessary Is this entry right in Server.class public final static Block_AitherDirt AitherDirt = new Block_AitherDirt(); GameRegistry.registerBlock(AitherDirt); What i have to change? Edit: Ok i have it know. It was so simple the whole time ._. Edit again: Now it won´t let me load a world
  5. i need help!! Every time when i´m trying to use 2 of my Blocks as top and fillerblock i get an error! the error message and here what i use in my biomecode
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