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  1. and i want add players relex too, later... so if anyone could help me with that i will be happy if not, im sorry for wasting your time :C
  2. man, ther es a problem on shader packs. they just pick the image of your monitor and reverse it into the water. if you look close to the water, nothing will be reflected like in the pictures that i have uploaded See on this picture: https://prnt.sc/113is8e Where's the tree reflex? and wheres the reflex on the corners??? I think this reflex from shader is much bad bro
  3. I have changed a class of the game to add water reflection and change the animation of the water. Now I want to transform this in a forge mod. Who are you to tell me stop making mods? Nobody starts knowing everything
  4. Hello guys, I wanna make a mod who changes the animation of the water and how its displayed. I have changed the bfb class on the game, but now I wanna make a forge mod. There is anyway to change the class of the game using a forge mod or something? PS: I dont speak english much great so if i wrote something wrong pls forgive me
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