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  1. Hey, so I'm currently creating my own dimension which seems to be working fine when I'm testing it in my dev environment. If I however export it and run it in a normal minecraft forge instance I get this error: Error reading worldgen settings after loading data packs: Unknown registry key: underground:chunk_generator. Does anyone know what could be causing my chunk generator to only register inside of the development environment? Thanks!
  2. Yes, that's what I just did. In the beginning I thought it was impossible since I couldn't access any of the fields inside of the NoiseChunkGenerator classes, but then I used an access transformer and solved the problem
  3. Hey everyone, I'm making a dimension mod for 1.16. In 1.16 it seems like a datapack dimension can't have a random seed, so I'm currently making a function that edits the dimension data file on world load, but for that I need to get the world directory. In 1.14 you could do this btw: ((ServerWorld)world).getSaveHandler().getWorldDirectory(); Does anyone know how to do that in 1.16? Thanks!
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