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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I have read about using reflection, but haven't tried it myself either. I did find a solution without using reflection though, which seems to work as intended.
  2. Thank you for your help. Stupidly I have forgotten to register the event bus for the vanilla items. Now that registered the event bus for the vanilla items it works and the stack size is overwritten. I did however, as you mentioned, lose all the properties the egg had, like the sound it made when throwing it and the particle effect when hitting the ground. I did find a solution for that though. I changed this public static final RegistryObject<Item> EGG = VANILLA_ITEMS.register("egg", () -> new Item((new Item.Properties()).maxStackSize(64))); into this publ
  3. Hey, I am fairly new to working on mods on the Minecraft Version 1.16.4. I have dabbled a little in an older version, MC 1.8 to be specific, and created a mod with a friend there. I am now trying to convert my 1.8 mod into one that works with the newest Forge and MC version 1.16.4. I am trying to redo everything I did in the old mod by myself. I have read and sorted through a lot of tutorials and guides on how to create new items and blocks and how to add logic to them etc. for MinecraftForge 1.16.4. I dont have any issues regarding that. I do have issues though with trying to e
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