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  1. Read Carefully We have a custom coded Medieval RPG spigot server. However it's unreleased. Key Features of our server: Custom coded world generator Dynamic world that's constantly changing Custom coded upgradeable settlement system Custom coded dungeon generator Custom coded professions Can add new biomes to the world while players play We can keep the same seed through out Minecraft updates And much more! We've been working on it for roughly 2 years with our large team. If you're looking to just play you can join our Discord and follow our #news channel for when we announce its release. We also post weekly updates about the server in our #news channel. We are looking for volunteers who want to collaborate To become part of our staff team: -We have an age requirement -Having a microphone is also mandatory. -We're basically looking for people who do Art, Code, Builds, Configs etc. If you meet any of those requirements you can ask me to join the staff team. https://discord.gg/H9akt3C Kalinox#0001 for additional information.
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