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  1. If you're implying it was a hacked client it wasn't. It was (meant) to be a PVP client like Lunar or BLC, but it never got close to completion XD
  2. I was decompiling a mod and found this, this.mc.func_147114_u().func_147298_b().func_179290_a((Packet)new C07PacketPlayerDigging(C07PacketPlayerDigging.Action.START_DESTROY_BLOCK, new BlockPos(currPoint.func_177958_n(), currPoint.func_177956_o(), currPoint.func_177952_p()), EnumFacing.UP)); I'm wondering where I can find the code for the func_xxxxx and C07PacketPlayerDigging. A while ago I was working on an MCP client and I found where the func_xxxxx's were, but now I can't find them. Thanks for any help!
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