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  1. That fixed it, thank you again. Might I ask one question how did you figure that out?
  2. Hello I have been having problems loading into a forge world and the world gets hung up on the loading screen for a world (like the dirt screen). I had a similar problem a little while ago that was solved by deleting the fml.toml file and now the problem has returned and that doesn't seem to be solving it, please help. I also have attached the log file latest.log
  3. The problem seems to have resurfaced as the fml.toml file keeps returning when ever i boot up the game, and then the same problem occurs
  4. That fixed it, Thank you so much!
  5. Ok I think I found it debug.log
  6. Ok I think I found it debug-5.log
  7. I dont think Im getting one, as all that comes up is error code 0
  8. I cant seem to get forge to load as I keep getting Error Code 0, Is there any way to fix this?
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