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  1. After removing Botania, it has been stable. So there was definitely something not happy there.
  2. Would it be useful for me to post a mod list? To see if I have any vestigial files or dependencies without coremods hanging around in there? Would that cause issues?
  3. Ah thanks. Well, I did the mods one by one thing today. Got it working with most of them then realised I had Biomes of Plenty and BYG in the same pack. Removed BYG. Got it running. For the entire afternoon, with full resources and shaders. Then it randomly started doing the same. Took out Botania like you suggested. Got it working again. Not sure how stable it is yet (might be a test over a few days sorta thing). I'm still confused how my mate with the exact same file setup hasn't had a single issue yet though. What is in my system that causes it to trigger for me and not for him?
  4. Hi, After 1 day of playing without issues, my game keeps crashing on start up with a rendering overlay error. I play with a friend on a private server that we set up, so we have identical mods, resource packs and shaders (literally sent him a zip of my files). For some reason, I have experienced this crash when he hasn't experienced a single one. I have better specs and allocate more ram to the game without being the one hosting the server and needing to allocate resources to it. Here is a long winded explanation of things that I have tried, but the TLDR is that I basically ran
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