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  1. If someone know what to do pls help me do i need to reinstall mods or delete some? ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- WARNING: coremods are present: Quark Plugin (Quark-r1.6-178.jar) SteveKunGLibPlugin (SteveKunG's-Lib-1.12.2-1.1.9.jar) ForgelinPlugin (Forgelin-1.8.4.jar) MovingWorldCore (movingworld-1.12-6.353-full.jar) MekanismCoremod (Mekanism-1.12.2- MicdoodlePlugin (MicdoodleCore-1.12.2- TransformLoader (DynamicSurroundings-1.12.2- FutureMC (future-mc-1.12.2- Contact their authors BEFORE c
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