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  1. Yes sorry for my bad english, on the IRCClient class i have a method called '' send '' who basically send a string to the server, this method is called from the KeybindListener when the player hit the '' R '' key, When the server receives a message it is supposed to write ''message received from the client : the message '' But the server does not print anything in the terminal which means that it receives nothing and I think it comes from the fact that IRCClient is declared in a different thread to the thread in which the keyinput event is, and I do not know how to be able to call 'send' from
  2. I tried I mean I succeeded and until then there's no more worries the server gets the connection, minecraft no longer stops, but I can not communicate between the client and the server, the client must send a certain string to the server when it performs a specific action no matter how I do it (synchronised irc or synchronised boolean etc the client never sends anything to the server, would you have a lead on what I need to do to get to settle this please)
  3. Yes i have a class called '' KeybindListener '' And inside I have this method : @SubscribeEvent public void onKeyPress(InputEvent.KeyInputEvent event) { if(Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_R)) if(irc==null) { irc = new IRCClient(''samuele.site'',2406); irc.run(); } showgui(); } I do register this class with MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new KeybindListener()) ;
  4. I implémented Netty everything seems working the server actually receive the connection of the client but the game still stop when i connect to the server, how am I supposed to use Netty to get minecraft working ? The client part source : https://pastebin.com/v5dN94BJ
  5. So netty allow me to communicate between my minecraft and a distant vps right ? There is some way to use it with forge or should i use it like i can use it on normal Java programme ?
  6. Hello, I have a project that consists of linking several clients together without the mod being installed on the server, even if the players are on a different server the communication must be possible so I decided to use the Socket after several attempts it works the worry is that after calling the method to accept a connection on the server side, minecraft stops as if the main thread stopped when I close the vps minecraft resumes as if nothing was wrong, I use threads whether in client or server to make the connection and exchange information, is the socket the right way used if yes how coul
  7. Perfect that work thank you really much diesieben07 thank you too Draco18s and championash5357 for tried to help
  8. private static final String PROTOCOL_VERSION = "1.0"; public static final SimpleChannel INSTANCE = NetworkRegistry.newSimpleChannel( new ResourceLocation("cosmod", "main"), () -> PROTOCOL_VERSION, PROTOCOL_VERSION::equals, PROTOCOL_VERSION::equals ); I actually have this in a class i don't have to specify i register the simpleimpl anywhere ?
  9. I added a network channel, but how can i know if the channel exist on the client side ?
  10. I'm currently working on a mod for a server and I'd like to make sure that people who connect without the mod is disconnected, but I have no idea how I should do it, the mod will be installed on the server side and will have to be installed on the client side, but how do I know if it is well installed on the client side?
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