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  1. Here are the logs, server then client. the server logs were SUPER long so I might have the wrong ones tbh, but the client one is correct [18Apr2021 00:02:08.339] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer/]: There are 0 of a max of 20 players online: [18Apr2021 00:05:09.339] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer/]: There are 0 of a max of 20 players online: [18Apr2021 00:08:10.289] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer/]: There are 0 of a max of 20 players online: [18Apr2021 00:11:11.28
  2. Great thank you! I will get the logs from my friends and get back to you soon.
  3. Hi! I have a recently made modded server that both me and a friend are able to access. But when my other friends try to join they get this error message. They have all the same mods as me so it should work but it doesn’t. Please help.
  4. I'm a total noob at forge, how would I do that? What are my JARS and where is my mods folder? So sorry im bad at this.
  5. Hey! When logging onto my new Valhelsia server I got this error message. Unexpected custom data from client. Please help. Here is the console data. It is on apex server hosting. Please help. 14.04 18:59:12 [Server] Netty Epoll Server IO #8/INFO [co.li.co.ConfigSyncManager/]: Skipping config sync, No mods have registered a syncable config. 14.04 18:59:13 [Server] User Authenticator #3/INFO UUID of player Julesiac669 is fbbbf514-f3d4-49f1-8847-134097e88ddd 14.04 18:59:13 [Server] Netty Epoll Server IO #8/ERROR [ne.mi.fm.ne.si.IndexedMessageCodec/SIMPLENET]: Received empty payload
  6. How do you make sure the same mods are installed on your client? I have the same issue please help.
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