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  1. You seem to have skipped over the entire part where I listed that it was RenderType.getCutout(). Not cutout or cutoutMipped. Also like Luis_ST mentioned and I mentioned earlier, use the client setup event. Also there's no easy fix to them looking weird next to each other using the translucent render type. An example would be great though.
  2. You will want to put this line in during the client setup event: RenderTypeLookup.setRenderLayer(BERYLGLASS, RenderType.getCutout()); EDIT: Actually you'll probably want to use getTranslucent instead: RenderTypeLookup.setRenderLayer(BERYLGLASS, RenderType.getTranslucent()); That will cause a translucent effect similar to ice. The one I mentioned previously is just for non-translucents like glass.
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