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  1. (sorry if I posted this in the wrong area since this is a mod specific post it's 3 am rn and I am tired I have been trying to fix this for so long) Update: I just reread the EAQ and it doesn't look like mod-specific posts are banned so nvm disregard this reply I am just dumb
  2. I'm having a major issue with optifine, it seems to be having some sort of issue with forge. Whenever I launch the game, it stops randomly before even getting to the Mojang logo, and crashes. I swapped from the latest stable optifine version to the preview seeing as the latest non-preview version isn't compatible with 36.1.0, but that one causes it to crash too. I'm certain it's optifine because removing it lets me into the game, and I can even load a world. I wasn't having any issues before this either. I tried installing different potential mods that I thought might fix the issue like optifo
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