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  1. What is the difference? Reflection is in run time, access transforming is done before the classes are loaded, or what? Why is it not recommended to transform methods, but fields are fine? It should not hurt other mods, right? Youre not taking away functionality, or am I missunderstanding sth? And do I really need to get rid of 300 lines access transformers for protected getters? (Took quite a while)
  2. Because it is more convenient than looking up mappings for potentially duzens of methods.
  3. Is there a syntax to make all methods of a class public? With fields it was just *, but what is it with methods? Thanks for your help!
  4. I yeah I found them.. They are protected thats why i didn't see them! Tanks
  5. I want to get a specific Sound(Event) of an entity based off a sound type, eg. hurt, death, etc. To be more specific about my goal, I want to convert a sound of an entity to the same sound of another entity (BAT_HURT to BEE_HURT for example). I have both entities, the bat and the bee, so I hope this is possible without a giant hardcoded switch statement Thanks for help!
  6. I am basically trying to animate non-existing entities. I have a dummy entity (Not added to the world!) which I render, but if that entity is a bat or a bee, the wings don't animate properly. If its a wither, the outer skulls don't turn etc. I have tried to just call the Entity#tick method, but that did not work. Now im kinda clueless what to do. Thanks for help!
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