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  1. There's no debug.log, because it doesn't even gives a second for minecraft to launch, so it's stays in launcher and then gives a message of exit code: 0.
  2. But my friends... The mechanical mod... I love mechanisms...
  3. My computer has totaly 2GB memory, so if i will, my computer is going to burn instantly, i already gave it 1GB, so it's still alot. By alot i mean alot for my computer, for minecraft 4GB is medium.
  4. So i've been playing "Create" mod on the server, and when i placed mechanism part (it's not depends which one, just any part that has mechanism purposes), then it's just crashed. My friends were fine, but my game were crashing. I don't know which file i need to whatch what causes it, so i joined single player and crashed my game really quick for log. latest.log crash-2021-04-23_14.41.31-client.txt
  5. Bruh. I'm a smart one. I already found the solution. No need to help.
  6. debug.loglatest.log Retried to launch 3 times already.
  7. Diesieben07, how to close the topic lmao?
  8. ANYWAYS! I finaly found the way to install java. Well. I guess we can close this topic now.
  9. (Translation: C:\Documends and Settings\USER\My documents\Downloads\chromeinstall-8u291.exe isn't a Win32 (Or something like that.))
  10. I mean. To buy what? Computer? I have no money for it, because i'm nothing but just 15 y.o. boy that studing in the school and playing minecraft. Even if my parents got money, they won't buy me a new computer, because i already have this "Nice and cool computer", that have been "Nice and cool" at 2010.
  11. Alr. I already had topic previously, about installing Forge without the installer. And i got replies that i have to do it step by step as installer does, or if i'll do that the easier way, it's basicaly illegal. Now what i wanna do, i need to install Java on windows XP. Now, i don't know where do i find this, but i need to find Java installer which is Win32 file and supported by Windows XP. Even if it's somewhere, my computer is old and unsafe, so in that case my browser stops me from visiting those websites. Please can you help and find me Java installer i need?
  12. I can't. This computer doesn't support windows any higher. And. I don't like Linux. Just with no reason. Idc about the security, cuz my browser just stops me from connecting to unsafe websites, so i don't have to be afraid of getting a virus from the internet. Even if i got something, i can just dowload free version of Dr Web and scan the computer.
  13. Look. I have another computer. I just copied all of the data (the entire .minecraft folder) and yeeted it into Appdata/Roaming folder and then installed launcher from minecraft website. The .minecraft folder i downloaded had 1.16.4 forge in it, but not 1.16.5.
  14. Anyways. Thank you everyone for answering, but seems like my computer doesn't like minecraft anymore.
  15. I mean. I already installed forge like a millions of times, but i have no 1.16.5 specificaly. I have 1.16.4.
  16. So basicaly, i want to instal forge without the installer. You may have a question "Why?" Because i have no JavaScript dowloaded, and the reason why, cuz i have Windows XP, that can't even support simple Java. I would appreciate if you at least send me a zip of 1.16.5 forge version or something.
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