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  1. I can't figure out and answer to this so I'm hoping that maybe someone else can. I use minecraft forge for mods, and I have a decent gaming computer that can support the game well. Normally when I play mc on forge my game will only be using around 30% of the memory I allocated to it (4gb allocated out of 16gb). But randomly my memory usage will start reaching max (it randomly spikes from 30% usage to 100%) and it stays there. Then my game will proceed to keep freezing and unfreezing, and it won't stop until I restart my game. It only happens in forge, no where else.
  2. I got this same problem, when I looked deeper into forums I noticed that a mod responded to someone with this same question and stated that they are aware of the issue and will solve it "eventually" since older versions are not "supported"
  3. I tried downloaded forge 1.8.9 latest and recommended. When I did download it, and when I pressed the file. Nothing happens. I tried retrying it many times and it didnt work. I deleted all my old forge files, reinstalled java, deleted all my mods and it still wouldn't work. What do I do?
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