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  1. Even without optifine and optiforge installed it's the same error. But I just noticed only better foliage throws an error in the new crash log. Removing that fixed it and the server runs now. Thank you so much. My head was killing me and I was exhausted when I was doing this last night. To anyone reading this who is having the same problem I was having: get rid of optifine and optiforge and then listen to your crash log.
  2. Just started setting up a new server from scratch, I'm getting an error on mod loading. I've spent 3 hours searching for what I've done wrong but I haven't been able to find anything that solved my issue. I tried the recommended version of forge, the latest version, and an older version, but all of them acted the same. I tried different installs of java, I looked for missing dependencies, I've restarted my computer after each java install. I'm just very lost at this point, so any insight at all would be fantastic. debug.log, latest.log, and the crash report can all be found here.
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