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  1. Fixed the issue by referring to the ResourceLocation instead of Item. Like so: public class Blueprint extends Item { public List<Resource> resources; public ResourceLocation outputItem; public Blueprint(Properties properties, List<Resource> resources, ResourceLocation outputItem) { super(properties); this.resources = resources; this.outputItem = outputItem; } public static class Resource { public final ResourceLocation resourceLocation; public final int amount; public Resource(ResourceLocation resourc
  2. I'm trying to register an object that uses other items in the class but I'm not sure how to make it register properly Blueprints.java: (creating new blueprint) public class Blueprints { private static final List<Blueprint.Resource> SKANA_RESOURCES = Arrays.asList( new Blueprint.Resource(Items.STICK, 1), new Blueprint.Resource(Resources.MORPHICS.get(), 1) ); public static final RegistryObject<Item> SKANA_BLUEPRINT = Registration.ITEMS.register("skana_blueprint",
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