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  1. Feels a little difficult to understand what i do have to change and the thing in general tho )=
  2. Thanks, but i need to make a custom furnace with 2 inputs )=
  3. Well I tried something but I haven’t created the container or the screen since I’m not sure what to fill some methods in the tile entity with and how to use ItemHandler or the Recipe Handler to make my furnace accept my custom recipes.
  4. I'm trying to create a custom furnace and people suggested me to look at other mods or to look at vanilla minecraft. Unfortunately i can't understand anything in tile entities and i can't figure out what does what, so i'm not able to make my custom furnace, also it would need to have 2 input slots one fuel slot, redstone as a fuel and one output slots, also i would need to know how to create custom recipes for my furnace next. Finally i would need someone to explain me how to do it )= I've been stuck for almost 3 days.
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