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  1. Sorry for the long delay, everyone got busy and I couldn't walk him through it, but deleting that seems to have fixed it. Thank you for you help!
  2. Alright we deleted that folder, tried again, and got the same error. Then we deleted That Folder, the .extra & .slim files (the ones causing the error), and any forge_installer files from Temp and still received an error on the next attempt. Should I keep attaching these installer logs or are they just pointless now? forge-1.16.5-36.1.0-installer.jar.log
  3. Well we did that and received the same error...I'll attach the 2 problem files and the installer log files from the most recent attempt client-1.16.5-20210115.111550-extra.jar.cache client-1.16.5-20210115.111550-slim.jar.cache Forge.jar.log
  4. Already had him both update and uninstall then reinstall Java. I wish that had been the solution...
  5. I had him, using File Explorer, search for any instance of both temp and forge_installer on his computer and it came up with nothing. As a sanity check, I had him once again download a fresh copy of the forge installer and received the same error. I've attached the installer's log from the latest attempt... hopefully it can provide some sort of insight. forge-1.16.5-36.1.0-installer.jar.log
  6. I've been trying to set up a very small modpack for some friends but for some reason one of them cannot no matter what I try get Forge to install on his PC cause everytime it either fails or present this error msg https://gyazo.com/6fd1d153a6c34a900db99a9826b8c32f This is from just trying to install Forge 36.1.0 for MC 1.16.5. So far the steps I have tried, in no particular order, are: - Using the CurseForge launcher - Grabbing a fresh Forge Installer - Updating Java - Reinstalling Java - Reinstalling Minecraft - Disabling Windows Defender - Attempt to launch in a
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