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  1. i would prefer to not use a datapack so i can include this mod into the modpack file to automate the install process
  2. Hi I am creating a modpack and within this modpack there are various mods which create different iron ores. I would like to create a mod that modifies the loot tables of a mod in such a way that breaking a limestone_iron_ore drops me a raw_iron_ore. The raw_iron_ore, however, is added by another mod. For the moment what I did was create a mod containing this loot table: https://pastebin.com/1HtqqpzE Unfortunately it didn't work. I guess it is a little more complicated than that and therefore I wonder if anyone could help me as I do not have the slightest experience in programming of any kind, giving me some tips and some advice on how to do so that this loot table overwrites that of the two mods .
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