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  1. I'd argue that my issue was relevant to this forum post, because I was also seeing similar read timeouts and issues with Maven. Thank you for the account warning though. Please feel free to delete/ban my account, simply because I posted about an outdated version of MC, which shouldn't matter when it comes to Maven repository response issues. Thank you for continuing to alienate a large portion of your mod development community by messing with (and updating) older versions, but refusing to provide support whatsoever. I was simply trying to provide an example of an issue that seemed more widespr
  2. I've attached a log of the behavior where the server responds HTTP 429 broken-forge-gradle-setup.txt
  3. I am having the same/similar issue, although not on supported Forge (1.12.2). Getting Forge Gradle to do anything today has been impossible. It times out on downloading libraries, or it downloads them and hits a point where it says "Too Many Requests". How can the request limit be lower than the number of libraries that need to be downloaded?
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