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  1. i already installed the four things and its the same
  2. Hey guys.I have a problem.Every time I try to open minecraft 1.4.7 with what im 100% sure is the right version it show a message that says FML is seting up your minecraft enviorment and then it shows a message and gives me a link to ForgeModLoader-client-0.log.What should I do?Please help. ForgeModLoader-client-0.log: 2013-03-13 12:56:43 [iNFO] [ForgeModLoader] Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.4.7 loading 2013-03-13 12:56:43 [FINEST] [ForgeModLoader] All core mods are successfully located 2013-03-13 12:56:43 [FINEST] [ForgeModLoader] Discovering coremods 2013
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